The set up was simple. Master Starchaser had been setting up a whole network of safe houses, safe paths and allies. It had been at least two decades in the making, moving Jedi around the One Sith lines, and following that, the Sith Empire. Jedi students were rare, and becoming a Jedi was something that people wanted to do, or wanted their children to become. However, life wasn’t easy. There were always those that hunted them. From Sith, to renegade Jedi.

From the Home Guard, to the Shattered Order, hiding in plain sight, to the Dac Refugees, and even a few Chiss, the network that Starchaser built was constructed on the backbone of the Underground, and the research that Merill and Starchaser had done for hyperspace routes. Not all of them were being used, but several connected Jedi worlds, and Force worlds. Safe points in the dead of space for training and passenger transfer. A number of SoroSuub light cruisers and Mon Calamari light cruisers would meet with Silver and Alliance transports.

If Jedi needed to move away from the safety of their factions, there was a way, and ships pilots were vetted. Safe worlds had specific safe houses.

If people were going to come for the Jedi, after what he just saw, they’d have to work for it.

They’d have to hunt.