A figure besmirched by sand and grit stood on the dunes of the desert world Jakku.​

Hours trekked by as this figure made his way towards something in the desert that stood out, something unique. Something that didn't belong, but it too had been swallowed by the sea of sand that was Jakku.​

Something ominous.​

An obelisk construct, ancient, shattered and sunken, stood on the horizon.​

The figure made his way in.​

He searched this place for hours, up to his knees in sand, constantly coughing through the dust and readjusting his goggles through his black garb.​

Making his way to the top tier of the obelisk, the floor that had once stood at the highest point in the tower that now lay on its side in the sand... the figure knelt next to an object.​

A glass case.​

A third arm from underneath his garb became became apparent and broke through the glass with ease, the massive figure bending over to more closely inspect the contents.​

A single, pulsating organism. It was silver and green, beating like a heart.​

He ripped off the glove of his third hand with a fourth, exposing violet hued skin, and placed it upon the palpating object.​

It beat faster, like a drum.​

A face emerged in the skin of the organism, and it spoke with a voice like shredding metal. The voice sounded old and sick.​


"I... have done a great and terrible thing."

"Many great and terrible things."

It paused.​

"I was the heir to the Supreme One, the right hand of the Slayer, Al'Khattazz, the dawn of our people."

It paused. The voice coughed.​

"If you are hearing this, you are a member of a legacy laced with the golden strands of corruption and deceit, of anger and pride."

"...If you are hearing this, you are my only hope."

It paused.​

"My name is Supreme Overlord Viung Lah, Dread Lord of the Horde, Dark Tyrant of the Obelisk.

But history will know me as Artemis Obauldi, the Man Who Failed The Galaxy."