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Retirement - A Peaceful Conclusion.


The Jedi Temple of Mnemosyne,
Temple Outskirts.

Caedyn Arenais stood outside of the small shelter, overlooking the expansive grounds belonging to the Jedi Temple and all who resided therein upon the world of Mnemosyne. This was a world raised by his parents in secret, a constitutional monarchy that ran in his blood and followed after the collapse of the Commenor Systems Alliance. Scars of the past, over a decade old that contributed to the peaceful Mnemos society today, and a government that could successfully manage without the frequent intervention of its royal lineage.

Having lived his life by the teachings of the Je'daii, later joining the Order and growing into the Jedi Knight he was today, Caedyn Arenais desired nothing of a life of politics or royal amenities. Conflict, persecution and hostility had become an almost daily occurrence as a man who had volunteered to act as a deterrence, a counter-weight to balance the numerous injustices of the Galaxy. In his younger years, it had been easier to stand against the rising tide with conviction, an idealist yet to be worn by a lifetime of fighting and the weight of consequences of failed missions, collateral damage lost within cities turned battlefields, traumatic memories that had become a new fight within himself in order to withstand the lure of a darker side, passions of corruptible nature many related to the fall of a good man.

Eventually, a life of fighting the good fight would inevitably see the Jedi Knight dreaming of a peaceful future, one where he could live without carrying the weight of the Galaxy both past, present and future upon his shoulders. As a Jedi, he had to consider the wellbeing of all those he surrounded himself by, friends, family and enemies alike. People born of the Force and each one deserving of their free will, their right to decide their fate dictated by the consequences of their actions and the will of the Force itself.
Over time Caedyn's resolve had wavered somewhere along the years and he had grown tired. Never reaching his goal, attaining the rank of Jedi Master, beholden by his own feelings of inadequacy and the personal struggle within himself, fighting between his inner child and the teachings of wiser mentors and role models, it would be by his own fault that his path as a Jedi would come to an end at such a young age compared to that of his father before him. Perhaps a lesson to others in the significance of self-acceptance.

Of course, it hadn't all been negative; Caedyn had met and befriended many great and wonderful people over the years, not to mention living alongside his Sister Loreena Arenais-Valhoun. Together they'd lived their early years amidst Commenor's times of peace, a life of privilege within the royal monarchy, going on to learn of their connection to the Force. There, their paths would separate and Caedyn would begin to walk his own. He would meet the one love of his life, @Asarra Vaashe, and they eventually wind up with a beautiful young daughter Kristyl Arenais. They would share years within the Order of the Silver Jedi, today a branch of Jedi within the Galaxy of whom continue to hold a dear place in his heart, and a sense of duty that would remain on through the years of his retirement.

Standing there, looking over the Temple Grounds of Mnemosyne, Caedyn smiled to himself as he reminisced, both the good and the bad times. He remembered Kyra Perl, his first Padawan and a young woman that had left her mark on his life. Their years together had formed a bond that he carried today, regardless of the distance that stood between them now. He had failed to see her training through to the end, though her path was her own and only the Force knew what lay in store for her. Caedyn felt only pride for the memories that they'd shared.
As for what lay in store for the Jedi Knight? Retirement would see about an end to that moniker, no longer a Jedi but a civilian who would spend his days tending to the Temple Grounds and enjoying the natural splendours of Menmosyne's beautiful landscape, Ovates the agricultural country of the world, green and teaming with life. He would live in peace, a life humbled by his experiences and always in contact with his daughter; a place in Loreena's, and Kristyl's life, where they could always call upon him.
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And of course tags don't work (again!!) so I'd never have seen this without you sending it to me. Just feels like the beginning of the end :( I guess now I can start to catch up on whatever age you have him at :p

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