Josh had followed through on his plans to take a much-needed break from his time spent spoiling the efforts of slave camps and liberating the victims in the situation. Not too much ago, he had spent the span of two months on a particular planet that had several of them scattered across it, right under the Republic's nose. Not that it was to help the Republic, of course. He did it because it was his job.
At some point in this job, someone had decided that since the Jedi Master was so behind on what was going on, they'd send a Holovision TV to his home. During this break, he happened to be flipping through the channels when the press conference from the "Prime Minster" of the Republic came on. Curious, he let it stay.
The Jedi raised an eyebrow as this bill was immediately erected... And then he closed his eyes and chuckled.
"They never change..." The Jedi would whisper to himself, obviously finding it ridiculous. "Killing, needless violence... That's their only answer. No wonder the Jedi Order is so influenced by them... The Republic and One Sith are hardly any different. They might as well bloody kiss and make up"
And with that, he shut off the TV and went out to get some air.