Lightsabers - The lightsabers built by Josh DragonsFlame after becoming a Jedi Master. A trip to Tython's crystal caves, this time singlehandedly, led Josh to acquire a new crystal that he felt better suited his new fighting style, after many years spent with his old saber and crystal. These particular lightsabers are a Duel-Phase styled blade, capable of extending up to double their original length with a simple activation to better match Josh's arm reach. The lightabers themselves are also slightly bigger and sturdier in order to help him grip them more easily with his large hands without losing his grip or accidentally crushing them. While this has the drawback of making the lightsabers slightly heavier, it grants Josh far more comfort in combat. A chance encounter during the Republic Invasion Of Dac allowed for his lightsabers to be upgraded to where they function even underwater without shorting out. The crystals, being imbued with his signature, seem to give off a bit of heat that can be felt when touching the lightsabers.​

Saber 1: Primary Saber​


Saber 2: Used when swapping to duel-saber style.​



Retired Weapons​

Lightsaber - Jedi Padawan Josh DragonsFlame's former primary weapon of choice, the bottom of the hilt is the pommel of Dragelix, this dark blue blade is powered by the crystal from the Tython Crystal Cave that matches Josh's force signature, which he acquired with the help of Jedi Master Jaxton Ravos. The lightsaber is waterproofed, and won't short out when wet. This blade was retired as Josh's primary lightsaber on February 26th, 2014.​




Neck Accessory Rotation:​

Specialty Equipment:​