This will be a diary of sorts, where I will record down whatever I can remember about my life. It will not have a fix order, and I will only note down when I am free to do so.
Entry 1 - Childhood
I remember the time when I still had a family. The time when we were happy and satisfied with each other's company. The three of us would have dinner together every evening, after father came back from a long day of work at the lab. My mother used to tell me about how I was her pride and joy. We were not rich, but neither were we poor. Father even brought me along several times to the prestigious events that he attended, eager to show off his only child to his colleagues.
I still remember the jealous quip and comments as they joked around with father and patted my head lovingly. I never liked that gesture, finding it particularly annoying, but I bared with it when I saw how proud father was. I spent most of my time at home as my parents thought the outside world would be a bad influence on me. I loved father then. Those were the days when he was still normal or sane to say the least. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I have not mentioned much about mother, as there was nothing really interesting of note. I did loved her though, about as much as father or more.
The good days were numbered as father became more engrossed and obsessed in his work. He no longer came back for his daily dinner meals like he used to, and now only came back one or twice a week. The close relationship I had with father deteriorated as even that became fewer and fewer, and I rarely got to see him at all. The only times I got to see him when he came home were not any better. In fact, I felt that it was worst.
He was a far cry from what he used to look like, his eyes now sunken and bloodshot, his entire visage horribly haggard. I felt terribly upset at what he had become. What was so important that he had to work non-stop on? He would never tell me, and mother was no help either. She would always say that it was grown-up stuff that children had no business in knowing. But of course, things went south even more as my life went upside down that fateful day.