Name: The Blackspire Fortress
Image Source: Deviantart
Intent: A stronghold for Darth Noxia's place of power and residence
Classification: A Citadel
Location: Mountain ranges overlooking Prak City in Prakith
Affiliation: Darth Noxia/Greta Kohler
A sprawling compound of fortified buildings, The Blackspire Fortress is a stronghold that very much resembles a castle with a variety of tall conical spires. Built into the mountain ranges overlooking Prak City, several of the spires penetrating into the clouds, clouding the upper spires in a cloud of fog. Its architecture is reminiscent of other structures intended to intimidate fear onto the onlookers with the use of spikes and spires and other pointy things in general. The design of its interior is another story altogether.
State of the art modern technology and designs decorate the rooms, halls and corridor that line the entire castle. Top of the line furnishing and decor can be found in each of the rooms, providing anyone who enters a feeling of grandeur and opulence.