The Second Great Hyperspace War rages on!

After successfully withstanding the Maw attack targeting Metellos, the Era of Reclamation continues! The Maw corridor into the core still stands today but the Alliance and its New Jedi Order are turning their focus to permanently removing the Maw's corrupted stain from the Galaxy. On the opposite border, the Empire still remains an unpredictable threat that one day will show its teeth again, and we must be ready.

To hold them back, the Alliance needs people like you to join the fight!

Whether you're a soldier in the GADF, a pilot in the Navy, or a Jedi of the mystical New Jedi Order, it's your efforts that will rid the Galaxy of evil!

Unite, and fight for the Light — Join the Galactic Alliance!

Valery Noble Valery Noble did not agree to be painted this way by (insert random artist) for the purpose of this poster. Her writer committed to a meme.