This may open up a can of worms what I’m about to address, but I feel I need to get this stuff off my chest and clear up the inter-faction drama that surrounded the extremely brief idea of the Confederacy, Silver Jedi, and Sith Empire teaming up to put up a united front against the Bryn’adûl.

Because that’s all it was ever allowed to become: an idea.

It seemed that as soon as that very first thread was posted in which representatives from each of the three biggest major factions on the map were going to meet and discuss the matter of the Bryn and how they may pool their resources to rid the galaxy of such a rapidly growing threat.

OOCly at this point, the admin teams of each faction had met and discussed matters on Discord and thought it would be a neat idea for the forces of the Light and Dark Side to join up against an extra-galactic threat, as was done in the olden days of Legends Canon against the Yuuzhan Vong.

ICly, this was to be the initial meeting of the three factions where they may discuss terms of the treaty, air their grievances, etc. It never got that far though, because almost immediately there was groaning and moaning from the Chaos community on numerous fronts. I won’t go into which ones specifically.

Out-of-character groaning and moaning, mind you.

The alliance never even got to exist in the first place, because OOC backlash got in the way, and yet this alliance was mentioned countless times ICly in subsequent faction threads and invasions. How’s that for letting OOC opinion influence IC actions, something I as a writer find insulting and ludicrous.

Barely a week into the thread going live it lost steam because there was so much negativity thrown at the mere idea of Jedi and Sith teaming up to fight a common enemy. This alliance was never even given the chance to become a reality on the page, because of this community’s inability to embrace a cool story that doesn’t even involve them in most cases.

I joined this site way back in 2013, less than a year into its existence. I led the SJO from 2014 to 2016. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to let the younger generation of Chaos writers know I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of similar situations where a potential story was severely beaten into submission because enough members cried foul before it could even get off the ground.

This sort of behaviour is extremely stifling to creativity and it’s even affected people I know personally, wreaking havoc on their will to write and general activity on the board. It’s been heartbreaking to see, and I have seen it happen to good people on so many occasions over the years.

I try not to post about OOC drama and going-ons in this community, but in this instance I felt I had to act the disciplinarian and give the community a dressing down for its recent behaviour.

Instead of crying foul at other peoples’ ideas, how about actually giving them a chance before forming your opinions. Show some respect and courtesy to your fellow writers. It shouldn’t be whoever shouts the loudest gets their way. That's textbook bully behaviour.

I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.