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Affiliation: One Sith
Manufacturer: Rendili
Model: Rae Class
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Classification: Dedicated Carrier
Length: 2900 meters
Width: 2900 meters
Height: 1200 meters
Armament: 14
10x Quad Long Range Turbolaser
4x Heavy Ion Cannon
6x Duel Mass Drivers
40x Quad Flak Cannon
20x Duel Point Defense Lasers
20x Heavy Warhead Launchers
1 Bomber Squadron
1 Fighter Squadron
1 Gunship Squadron
Special Features:
Central Cradle for Roanoke Prison Ship
Underside docking for Kree Medical Ships
Biological Containment Cells
Detachable Brig (8000 prisoner cells)
Biological Weapons Lab
Medical Suites
Advanced Shielding
Maneuverability: 18
Speed Rating: 17
Hyperdrive Class: 3
Advanced Medical Ship
Advanced Prison Ship
Low fighter count

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Development Thread:
Black Tomorrow
Intent: To create a primary location where the Medical Corps of the One Sith Operate out of and the Covenant can practice.
Who Can Use This: Covenant of the Black Rose, Sith Medical Corp, Hollows
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