"Many will not understand what we have done. I often felt alone in my duties of purging the inferior species from the galaxy. Many times a night did I rally and want to scream tearing out my hair but them I would see something. A report from another camp, another doctor and remember I was not alone. That is what I wanted to make here, to show to these being here that perfection could be reached through progress and progress was reached with experimentation."
"We started out small, we had to with something like this. Because it wasn't meant to be special it was meant to achieve a goal and find one who was worthy. Find one who understood the vision others before me had in gaining power. Through fear and more then just destruction. The AI would need to keep track of and report those who failed its test for punishment. That was why I needed to come up with some thing more sinister... something more dangerous and sadistic then myself."
"Many shall find that is not an easy task but mapping out the AI was easy, it served as a keeper to a statue, it wouldn't be moving, it wouldn't be talking except to those who wished to take its test. Those who failed would feel the sting of my scalpel, those who past if one ever did would find him or herself in possession of what they would need to complete the ultimate works of the old ones. The ritual pit was there for them, remade to soothe the sacrifices."
"The first test was unsuccessful... As I suspected it would be. Combat is not our way, the medical corps serve a higher authority and while most have gone beyond needing pathetic vows or oaths to become truly skilled. Their teaching in saber forms were pathetic and not really a strong way to observe. I will have to personally find a better way for testing a student or being who wishes to learn the secrets of Al-Khali.... Will have to think of something truly diabolical."
"I am more powerful then the gods, more evil then the devil, the poor have me, the rich need me and when you eat me your body dies.... What am I? Something to start as we continue to work, Drear's face being carved into the permacrete of the statue and made to speak from the AI. The first test as it were they would need to warm up with and hopefully Nothing will not be to hard for them to figure it out. The last really dangerous part is making sure the heads of the statue can turn."
"We tested it again and the AI seemed more stable, it at least was able to register students of the base and sith from their biometrics and well it was a start. We are going to have the lab techs work further to refine and develop the AI into something that can read them easier and only work with students or researchers who have been put into the computer banks of the old academy. We'll see if that works and how it turns out. I have faith as it were in the scientists.. if they fail there are always more who can be found."
"It was a strange night, one of the prisoners screams were keeping me up. Not with why he was screaming, he had dropped and damaged the face of Darth Scaborous and needed to be punished it was more that he still held out the jedi would save him. This one will be tricky and need to make surer those who find this statue with its AI will not be able to just smash the head to try and find the prize inside... it will need something more to it for protection."
"My life can be measured in hours. I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am; quick, fat, I am slow. Wind is my foe. What am I? Something so simple and clear but not many would be able to get it I am certain. A candle is not often used outside of primitive societies. Or the prisoners who make makeshift ones from the fat of those killed in the camps, we are not monsters only purging the unwanted and obsolete from our midst. As I told that jedi once when she spoke with me. Genocide is a days work."
"I'm not mans best friend, I'm their enemy, I can mark your end, Yet you do not see me, I am very small, But very tough, If you have me, Then you have it rough. What am I? That will be the real fun, those who come here for this should already know what the sickness is, know what they seek. I would not go through this trouble to hide something that was a mere trinket. The sickness is not a weapon to strengthen the weak it is a Virus to empower the worthy."
"That at least is the goal of this AI, to find those who are worthy and not needing help, to cull the weak from the strong for one who can carry on our legacy as it were. I have not killed millions for the simple task to have the work fade into nothingness, no we shall continued on and make it a better galaxy. We will make all of them better galaxies and Ashin shall do that. She will take this virus to ten thousand worlds and show the legacy of the sith."
*there are mechanical sounds while something is speaking*
"Where am I, who am I? Ah she is awake and just listen to that voice. I think there is something to this motherhood thing. If I wasn't annoyed they would be inferior beings I might actually try it. Oh yes you are on Odacur-Faustin a world lost to many and covered in sickness. You will protect the secret of that sickness and how to use it as the overseer of Al-Khali, you are the Firstborn of many and you my dear are perfect. I am Seras a doctor here at the academy."