Entry N°: 144
Entry classification: Pr-LR
Topic: concepts of the Salvager's Gyroscopes and Maneuvering thrusters (LR-SGMt)
Version: 1.0
Sketch the basic features of an additional set of maneuvering thrusters and gyroscopes that would allow for greater precision and control at very close range with both cargo and static objects.
Small directional thrusters like those mounted on orbital satellites installed in sheltered folds of the Long Run's outer hull along with heavy duty gyroscopes to give the ship's additional precision and control on small-scale movements, increasing its overall smoothness in minor-than-metric translation. Search for suitably thick areas
Being their use situational, they have to be taken off the main power grid and allotted on the hyperdrive's reactor devise long-term solution for energy consumption: don't make reactor too essential on long run taking their HUD elements off the main driving suite and projecting them directly on the view-glass so they don't clutter with unnecessary indicator.
They kick in either at a set distance from targets of up from a set size, or on a key-triggered basis leave option to individual pilot: leaving on indefinitely too costly.