Entry N°: 143
Entry classification: Pr-LR
Topic: concepts of Deep Space Energy Banks standardisation process
Version: 1.2
Register observational data about the Long Run's cell-banks and develop a craftable schematic into a standardised format.
Possible materials: highly conductive circuitry, lithium ion capacitors and lithium/aurodium insulated cables, insulating casing.
As they are now, the Run's cell-banks are a series of 17 high-capacity batteries meant to power the ship, bar its hyperdrive, even in deep space operations where refuelling is very scarce or outright absent if mounting a plasma scoop is impossible. They are built into the ship's inner hull and wired to each other and the solar panels with highly conductive cable. Run structural diagnostics to ascertain possibility of more installations.
Being built out of very durable and conductive materials such as lithium and a small percentage of aurodium, the Long Run only needs its two dorsal solar panels and a star that emits radiations to recharge them, being exempted the necessity of closing to its corona as other, traditionally fuelled ships, have to. This means if it runs out of fuel it only needs to be in proximity of said star and wait on silent running until the various banks are once again at full capacity; plus, the quantity of volatile or directly explosive materiel is limited to only that of the hyperdrive's dedicated generator, although here come the problems.
They are extensive batteries, and that's fine, but the depend on the number of panels the ship can mount, which can be damaged by space, conflicts and henceforth; as long as they are charging up, the ship is a sitting mynock. Counter with a bit of sense-making drainage-cycling and always carry a couple of full spare. Potential drydock-gantry idea
Aso, they require some nifty maintenance and delicate convertor-components. To be thought about.
Speaking of downsides, they do not hold enough power to make the hyperdrive work, so that will need its own devices.
As to now, the advised layout for a ship the size and mass of the Long Run is 17 banks, along with 2 dorsal panels for recharging:
5 to propulsion
3 to life support
2 to sensors
2 to shields
2 as pre-filled spares
1 to heat management
1 to lighting, ladders, doors, heating and the like
1 to weapons.
Advise adding 2 more ventral panels? Possible, as long as they are very well protected.