The holonet would come on with a bit of fanfare and the display of "Special News Broadcast". The network had been abuzz, absolutely abuzz. Apparently there was a change in galactic politics. And they were looking to contact the galactic Associated Press to see if there was any clout behind the broadcast from Wookieeleaks. And that was the whole purpose of Powerline. They kept the public in the know of what was going on in the galaxy.
That was why the news reporter stepped up to the screen.
"Good evening, Alliance citizens! This is your favorite news caster Li, here to bring you all the juicy news that is coming in from the rest of the galaxy. Today we’ve got an interesting thing going on! It seems that the Covenant of the Black Rose, a reported Sith sub-faction has been showing up in the Republic’s space. Apparently they weren’t being arrested by the Republic, but we don’t have much more news.
“Here at Powerline, we tried to get ahold of any of the members of Triumvirate for a statement, but it seems we can’t get anyone on the comms. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the New Jedi Order and the Republic’s own Jedi, with Sith on their side. What will our government do? We don’t know for sure. Now… onto entertainment news…”