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Images: Please provide a line of credit (Ex. Image By So & So) and link to the original artist if you are using an image to illustrate your Submission. If you cannot find the original artist, then please provide a link to where you discovered the image. If necessary, use an image search service such as TinEye to find the image's original location.

Be as descriptive and detailed as desired. Any information that does not fit a category can be added at the end.

Name: <Planet name>Y

Region: <Core, Mid, Expansion, Outer, Unknown>
System: <System name>
Suns: <Number, name, and type of stars in the system>
Orbital Position: <Relative distance away from the star (ie, habital zone, 5th planet, far, close, etc) or if it orbits another planet>
Moons: <List natural satellites and any significant, permanent artificial ones>
System Features: <Here you may list other planets, important asteroid belts, spatial anomalies, or other features of the star system>
Coordinates: <The X,Y coordinates of the planet and its relative position in them according to the Galaxy Map>
Rotational Period: <The length of a "day" on the planet>
Orbital Period: <The number of local days of each complete orbit>

Class: <Terrestrial or gas, with planets 10 times larger than Earth being giant>
Diameter: <NOT REQUIRED: Diameter at the equator. For reference, Earth is 12,756 km in diameter>
Atmosphere: <Atmosphere type number>
Climate: <Temperate is Earth-like. Make notes of anything substantially different yet similar to Temperate. Add Controlled for when most of the climate is controlled by technology. Use words such as Arid or Frozen to describe single biome worlds.>
Gravity: <Standard is, to human senses, Earth-like. Use terms such as "Twice Standard" to describe other types of gravity>
Primary Terrain: <Significant types of terrain that can easily be found. Examples: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests, etc. Multiple can be used>

Native Species: <Species that have always lived there>
Immigrated Species: <Immigrant species with significant populations>
Primary Languages: <Galactic Standard Basic is the movies' English, all others are can be seen on Wookieepedia>
Government: <Federal Republic would describe a government such as the United States. Other general terms can be used>
Population: <For reference, Earth's population is 7.1 billion and Coruscant's is 1 trillion. Demographics welcomed here>
Demonym: <What a resident of this planet would be called. Residents of Coruscant are called Coruscanti>
Major Imports: <What the planet frequently buys from other planets>
Major Exports: <What does the planet produce and bring to the galaxy, note that not all planets have to produce things. They can be barren or have riches yet to be discovered. If they have restricted materials [see banned and restricted section] there is a template that need to be filled out)

Affiliation: <Factions, existing or not, the planet would lean toward>

Major Locations:
Capital City of Dharto on the continent of Besba Antoois.

Culture: <General overview of the planet, should include information about daily life, society, government, arts, sports, military, religion>
Technology: <A description of how technologically advanced the planet is relative to the galaxy>
History: <Abridged history of the planet>

Notable PCs: <Native or immigrant player-characters>
Intent: <The purpose and reason for making this planet. Goals for the planet. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!>