"Barry Howard dies aged 78 after cancer battle"
"David Bowie's Secret Cancer battle"

"Hugh Jackman reveals fourth battle with cancer"
It's headlines like these that really irk me. Don't get me wrong, the whole concept of a 'cancer battle' is meant to emotionally assist the affected and those around them.
But cancer doesn't emotionally battle you; cancer doesn't suddenly cure itself based on how optimistic the patient is; cancer shouldn't be personified as an enemy to battle.
And for those who are 'losing' this 'battle', the metaphor is quite discouraging especially since the results of cancer are generally outside of human control. It creates an invisible attribute that those who die lack from those who (miraculously) survive, even though cancer is pretty much indiscriminate;
If I ever get cancer: the thing I want to hear least is how 'brave' I am. Bravery is something akin to standing up against seemingly insurmountable odds to help a friend not an immediate attribute to any cancer patient - you don't choose cancer. Cancer is an unfortunate happening - as is any other disease - and someone was unlucky enough to catch it.

Optimism whilst having a disease will help emotionally, don't get me wrong, but as it is with battle-imagery, this optimism will often turn around on you - especially if you start 'losing'.
Cancer doesn't "decide" who lives or dies depending on how 'brave' and how fiercely they 'battle'. Going in "Guns Blazing" or with acceptance changes your emotion and outlook on life; it doesn't decide if you live or not.