To start, we often hear the phrase "Worse than Hitler" used quite often in negative situations. But is this really a measurable value?
We must begin by equating a single unit 'Hitler' as being roughly 6.0 x 10^6 human deaths.
Applying standard SI prefixes:
The achievements made during the Reign of Terror roughly amount to 6.6 millihitlers.
And since a Hitler is a SI unit this allows for various levels of conversions.
eg. The EPA set the value for a human life at 9.1 million US dollars. Converting this to hitlers means that 1 Hitler is equal to 54,600,000,000,000 dollars.
Therefore we can quantitatively measure if someone or a certain situation is "Worse than Hitler".
eg. When the Australian government cancelled the deal of a 18km Highway in Melbourne, this resulted in a fine of 1.1Billion Dollars equivalent to 20.14652 MicroHitlers.
Or Joseph Stalin who can be called "Worse than Hitler" as his achievements come in at roughly 5 Hitlers.
Source: Anon