Failure is just life telling one to take another approach. I have understood the failure of my actions, my experiments were still flawed, my search for the boundaries of mortality, of evolution has not ended though. I have managed to conclude several experiments upon myself. Though it was excrutiating and tiresome, I have managed to finally find the limits of my human nature, my human mortality. One must push through the pain and agony to fullfill their life's work, their dream...their destiny. Yes, pain is an imperitive impuls for progress, without pain...there is no science, there is no progress.


I've managed to find a job at a local research facility, nothing big, but it is obscure enough to hide my presence from Coruscant authorities after that one experiment I performed. Pity the testsubject in question was of such low quality that any evolution was deemed impossible. However, I will succeed in my life's work and no authority or self-serving, moralistic oppression will stand in my way.


Some of my colleagues seem wary of my presence, of course I do not blame them, for they only see with their eyes and not with the mind. They are incapable of noticing that I am in the progress of my personal evolution, breaking the limits of my own mortality. A bit of blood had managed to slip through my bacta-soaked bandages, alerting one of the members of the facility that I may have been wounded or hurt, but I implored them not to worry. Alas, the more I tried to convince them that I was perfectly fine and was simply in the middle of an experiment, the less they seemed to believe me.


Pitiful children, that's what they are...

I tried to explain that my experiments were for the good of our race in a whole, but the moment one of those damned brats of the facility talked to the staff of the place, the head researcher of the facility forbade me to continue with my research and my experiments. Yet again, there are those who simply can't comprehend the brilliance, the far reaching effects of my research. Despite my efforts to explain my desire to evolve humanity, to have it transcend its limits and to have it come on equal footing to all those races spread throughout the galaxy with great and marvelous powers, the scientists at the facility seemed to dislike my ideas...how is it possible to have such close-minded people in the scientific community everywhere I go...I can't stand this ridiculous apprehension.


I have never meet such a person, so arrogant and so dismissive of others like this man. He was probably no older than thirty, of that I am sure. The woman who was with him was apparently some Sith Lord...or are they called Lady in this case? I have no idea, but the man seemed to be rather fascinated with my research and my experiments. I was actually quite glad to strike a conversation with someone who despite having their own views and desires, despite giving off such an air of self-inflated importance did not seem to be concerned with my appearance nor condemned me for my research like most others usually do. In the end our conversation ended on the notion of what I was missing to truly achieve my goal, which according to his words were life subjects. I told him that I always have life subjects if necessary, but though I am not aware if he understood what I implied, he simply stated that life subjects did not mean willing subjects. I made note of this conversation for later study...


The news had reached even us, a group of what was described as some sort of occult congregation of women, had been exterminated within a single night, with not a living soul left to tell who had been responsible. These women were apparently healers and psychics of some kind, they were even called witches or sisters by some. Though initially, this news did not really interest me, when I arrived at my laboratory within the facility, pleasantly located in the furthest, deepest corner of the building, I discovered quite a few new things. Someone had brought not just one or two, but half a dozen of life testsubjects to my lab, apparently without any of the other researchers being aware of it. These were apparently called "force sensitive" people, six women in total...of varying ages and though all were in perfect health according to the readings, their minds seemed to be broken, with only grunts and crazed stutters to act as replies to my questions.


Fascinating, the force is indeed fascinating. Though I still am wary of such nonsense about having the power to lift objects and control people's minds, it seems that even in their state, this mystical thing seems to prevent them from dying too quickly, allowing me to go further with my research than ever before. They know pain now, intimately so, but it is for their own good, to make them evolve and to finally succeed in my life's work...


Failure yet again...

One of my colleagues has entered my laboratory when I was away for my lunchbreak, I have cought him in the act of trying to kill my test subjects, he called it ending their suffering, but I luckily arrived on time to stop him. I have decided to put him into the program as well, after all...just like that man said: life testsubject does not mean "willing" persay.
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