Fools, they are fools and nothing more...

Yesterday, a colleague of mine, Doctor Hildrich told me we could not proceed with my experiment, calling it unethical and he would see me sued and fired by the board of directors if I were to continue with my research, which that *********** called a work of a lunatic, an utter madman. He simply could not see the value of this experiment, this quest for a knowledge to further understand the very principles that stand at the very precipice of evolution.


Pressured as I am by my colleagues, I have abandoned my research and experiments into the studies I was conducting in the field of evolution, truly a pity that those insolent, ignorant imbiciles can't see that all I am doing is to further my, nay our knowledge in regards to the expansion and perhaps even elimination of our physical limits.

Bah, they are but a bunch of fools limited by their codes and "moral obligations" as they like to call it. I dared to confront Doctor Hildrich again, but he dismissed my requests on the grounds of his own shortsighted principles that we are ought to find cures and treat patients rather than as he called it "fiddle with the bodies of others". The outrage, have they learned nothing during their long and ardeous years of study? Is not the best way to treat patients and cure diseases by eliminating the posibility of ever even contracting such ilnesses and infections? A Ridiculous notion if I'm concerned...


I've had enough of their prattle, their incessant dismissive nature of my research. I pave the way to a new order within medical sciences, I am the progenitor for a new era of science and the study of life itself, yet I am ridiculed, ostracized simply because I can see, I can hear, I can feel what they can not. I shall reopen my research and continue my experiments, if not here, than elsewhere. They shall rue their dismission of my intellect, my forward thinking, MY GENIUS.



"Hush now old man, you are going to experience a little bit of pain, but don't worry...as you said, it is to better the lives of our patients, so you need not worry nor complain."
"Is it too painful? Need me to give you some aenesthetics? You see, I can't do that...you need to embrace this progress, allow your mind to adjust to your current situation, trust me...it'll all get better soon."


Blast it, This medical center lacks the necessary tools and monetary funds to continue my research and experiments in earnest. Pity though, I was so close to finally have my colleague see the light. He has been quite silent now, but that must be the result of minor shock, pity that I have to terminate our...companionship, he has been a very cooperative subject if I might add. Sure, he struggled at first, but yesterday all he could muster was a faint whimpering, obviously a sign he is getting accustomed to the treatment...again, a pity I am unable to put him into the next stage, but I guess my other colleages and the board of directors will surely be most willing to continue his treatment to the betterment of all.


"The respected Doctor Aubrey Hildrich, Husband of forty years and father of four, has been found dead in one of the storage facilities of the general State hospital of Coruscant, according to the coroners, he has died of acute scepsis and was reported to have been found naked and skinned, the hospital's board of directors has issued a statement that this might possibly be the work of former employee Doctor Whing D. Ghaster, who has been terminated from their employ after having been caught conducting illegal..."

Bah, utter nonsense...