Entry #1: The Senseless Defeat

Perhaps fate was levied against us. Perhaps some higher form of life had a different goal in mind or perhaps the blame could be placed on the High Command for underestimating the will of the breakaway Imperials.

Either way however, the losses of Muunilist, Mygeeto and Scipo have shown the New Imperial Order a path directly to Bastion and that's what worries me. Preparations along the Braxant Run are more than accurate yet, I feel as though I too am underestimating my enemies

Entry #2: The Meeting at Prefsbelf IV

Why did I invite them on board my flagship? The meeting was a failure, to an extent however they did show some sign of progress. The now Grand Moff Ka in particular was very interesting.

The Sephi woman suggested placing civilians near military targets, utilizing them as human shields and while that defies everthnh I have dedicated my life to, I couldn't deny that it was a sound tactic. Luckily however, I was able to point out that such act would alienate us further in the eyes of the galaxy.

Thus the Empire would face war on multiple fronts. Speaking of multiple fronts, it has recently come to my attention that various unidentifiable warships engaged the blockade at Muunilist. These ships were determined to not have originated from New Imperial Space. Quite odd. With Jedi on the ground as well, there can only be two suspects. Investigation is required.

Entry #3: Investigation of the Battle over Muunilist

The Battle of the Bloody Aurora was not the only naval battle occurring within Muun Space, much to my dismay. After a careful analysis of the images sent to me by the ORDIS, I have deduced that my first suspect, the Silver Jedi Order did not commit Naval forces to the traitors invasion.

Instead, much to my shock, the newly reconstituted Galactic Alliance had sent one of it's Sector Fleets, or at least a portion of it to supplement the New Imperial Order. Quite a stupid move for a young nation, yet I still sense logic. What concerns me the most, is reports that a warship capable of carrying other capital grade ships was among the Alliance Fleet. Quite the mystery

Entry #4: Preparation for the Circle

Darth Alekto, a speaker of the Emperor, sent me and various other members of the Sith hierarchy, both low and high, a summons for a meeting.

This is an odd move, even for the Emperor and I have my resverations but according to the Lady of Power, this "Circle" is mandatory.

Discontinue Personal Log, Authorization [REDACTED], Confirmation Key [CLASSIFIED]
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