War is an art, a testament to the advanced societies of the galaxy. War is proof that eeven the most evolved, the most knowledge civilization to have every existed cannot escape the horrors of war. Cannot escape the jaws of death, or the pain and misery that comes with it.

No, instead of attempting to spread the false message of peace, perhaps nations should prepare themselves for the inevitable. It may not be now, and it may not be for a hundred thousand years but I assure you, one day, be it the present or the future, every nation within the galaxy shall know death, pain, destruction and grief. They shall know the burdens of war.

For it accuses us, of our sins and our greed. Of our crime, it imprisons us. We shall never be free of this burden, so stop trying to stop war and simply work to perfect it and hope to prepare for it.

--- This is Strictly IC, as always ---