A few years ago, I made some terrible decisions on this board. Suffice it to say, I was an impulsive and mediocre Faction Owner who acted like a dog at the very end. And some very interesting things happened in the wake of those decisions.
My character was vilified.
My companies were pilfered.
Everything I had amassed over two years was stolen, by people I once called friend.
And y'know what? I deserved it. I deserved every angst-driven post and retaliatory action. I deserved watching my tech submissions get a new name plastered on them. I deserved having all my artifacts and toys taken and scattered everywhere. Why? Because you don't get to treat people like dirt and expect for everything to be rainbows and butterflies. People are People. There are emotion filled sacks of meat on the other end of the screen who feel the same as you. We get angry. We get sad. We look to this board as a distraction from the crap waiting for us when we log off.
So you treat another person like dirt, don't be surprised when your crap gets taken away. When you act like a dog, don't be surprised when your name gets dragged through the mud. When you metagame like it's a vital function, don't be surprised when you have factions lining up to take a swing at yours. And when you're dismissive, arrogant, and rude, don't act the victim when you brought it on yourself.
Being a decent person to others, online and off, is how you keep your stuff intact. Otherwise, Life's gonna give it to you.