Chaos is a Game - at least when it comes to Major Factions.
The point is simple: expand your territory and do your best to keep it. Tailor your territory to whatever story or theme you want. Do the thing.
Inherently, this means that the community you build is going to - at some point - compete. Whether that's writing faster than another group for that sweet hex you want, or battling over who gets to keep a hex. Overall, competition is how the map game is played.
Sometimes, we as a site forget that competition is the foundation upon which major factions are built. Yes, these environments are also the most fertile soil for thriving stories and amazing experiences - but at a fundamental level, major factions exist to expand and to compete.
This means that invasions will happen. This means that alliances will happen. This means that strategy will come into play. Now, here's the reality - if your community says "hey, let's go invade this group that has a lot...and I mean a lot...of friends" that's not strategic. But it happened. And then the logical consequence of that occurred. (Looking at you, UCM)
And my God, the ishstorm that ensued was Legend-waitforit-Dary. But they forgot what the map game is here for. Now, if you're not a fan of playing the game - that's fine. The site has plenty of people and plenty of communities who don't indulge. If you want to hang out with your friends and write as many space wizard tales as you want - do the thing. But if you step on the map, you're signing up to play a competitive game. Full stop.
Stop crying that you got invaded. Stop cluttering the damn suggestion forum with "oh my God they invaded us, they're evil, here's why." Stop jumping into every announcement and saying "change the rules so that we can be major but not play the game." Stop pointing the finger and saying "oh my God, they hate one person and are taking it out on all of us aahhh." Stop with the "it's a vendetta to wipe our faction off the map" or other "this is purely OOC motivated" crap.
Either play the game, use the game's "get outta heat card" #Nomad, or get off the map. It's that simple. Don't sit there and whine. Don't play the victim. And for Kark's sake, don't write an essay calling other factions [redacted]-ists for the gall of "invading without consent."
Instead, play the game smarter. And do all things with grace. As a dear friend once said, be the version of you that I believe you can be. Remember, above all else, it's a game. A competitive one, but a game.
- Sincerely, That One Guy
Edit: My grammar sucks, I'm so not sorry but it was triggering like four people. Okay nine. Okay thirty. Jesus.