Where there is Chaos, there is Order
Where there is Order, there is Unrest
Where there is Unrest, there is Rebellion
Where there is Rebellion, there is Chaos

The cycle must be broken.
A Balance must be struck.
We will have Peace, Freedom, Security, and Justice to the Galaxy.

We will have an Elysium.

Join the Elysium Empire today!

* Unite the Galaxy. No more wars, no more grave threats. One Empire, one people!

*A Monarchy for the people. Heath Valhoun is here to serve. He doesn't tax his citizens, and laws prevent abuse of power.

*Never again will you bow to anyone! Heath Valhoun will never demand you bow to him.

*Join the Military, Navy, or Special Forces and make waves through the galaxy. Our forces are constantly active, altering the forces of the galaxy like puppets.

*Live and let live. Aliens, Jedi, Sith, and droids are all protected and accepted equally.

*Explore the galaxy! From Selvaris to Bespin, The Elysium Empire is everywhere at once.

*Autonomy; Subjects of The Empire are given personal freedom. Planets may have militias, and their own judicial systems!

*Protection. Nobody in the Empire will be harmed by exterior forces. The Bryn will never break through. The Sith will not infiltrate us. The Alliance is powerless in the Empire!