Name: Valen.
Location: The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk.
Subject: I'm leaving.
Time: 1800.

My mind's made up, I can't stay here anymore.

The Silver Jedi have been really nice to me, they've taken me in for over a year now and I've learned so much, but I can't stay here and pretend that my heart and mind isn't out there every day thinking about where my family might be, who they are and who I'm meant to be.

Caedyn says that your past doesn't makeup who you are, that it's your choice and where you aim to be in your future, but that's easy for someone to say when they know their family and still have such strong ties to them all. If it weren't for his friendship I wouldn't have anyone, but then I don't even know if it can be called a friendship when he's really just doing his job as a Jedi. Gotta keep an eye out on the problem-child, right?

So my best lead is to try to find the Disciples of Typhojem, the cult that the Jedi rescued me from. It's probably going to be dangerous so hopefully, the Silver Rest can spare this training hilt, it's better than nothing and I know how to use it a little.

Apparently, Caedyn's Padawan went into Sith Space once before, for quite a while too. I remember him telling me about it. He didn't go into great detail but if I can manage to catch a ride from Kashyyyk to Commenor then I'm bound to be able to take public transport the rest of the way.

I wish I could repay the Jedi here for all they've done but this is just how it has to be. Maybe one day I'll come back, but for now, I need to plan my escape. I don't want to set off any alarm bells with the other students, let alone the Knights and Masters.

I think I'll volunteer to help with things in the Hangar tomorrow, doesn't matter where exactly, just as long as I can get a good amount of time to check it out and see how things are run. There's got to be some sort of schedule or something for ships coming in and out, and that might be my ticket off of Kashyyyk.

The question is whether I use my student identification or not. If I do then it'll be logged I bet, at least as far as Commenor. But then it'd also be easier to get a ride on one of the transports leaving this place. Stowing away could attract more trouble then it's worth if it goes wrong somehow...

I gotta figure this out, but three days from now. That's when I'll do it!