Name: Valen
Location: The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk
Subject: Tol Amn

The trip to Tol Amn was a disaster! Master Naetre told me it'd do me some good to get outside of the Silver Rest but I knew going to a whole other planet was going to be a bad idea and look what happened! Our shuttle got shot down and crash-landed, leaving me stuck with some boring old fart named Eloi Graix...

Okay, so maybe boring isn't the right word, he was just really...-Well, like he wasn't there at all. He wasn't afraid or anything, didn't even get annoyed or angry when I got smart to him which usually works because I'm pretty good at being cheeky but it didn't phase him at all.

Anyway, the whole thing was pretty crazy and I'm pretty sure there are some others that haven't come back yet, that or...-Well you know. There was a good number of us meant to be going on some sort of field trip or whatever, Master Naetre told me it'd be educational and a good learning experience but I guess the only thing I actually learned is what it feels like when a ship goes down and slams into the ground with you inside of it. Oh and I got knocked out too, that's never happened to me before so yeah...That happened.

This was all about a week back now, and I've spent time in the medbay which the doc cleared me for my classes again. Thank the Force, because if I thought Eloi was boring, the medical droids are something else!

All things considered though, I feel like I'm doing alright for someone who was in a crash like that. I didn't lose my cool at the time, even though we were in the middle of Force knows where. I guess it helped to have a Jedi Master alongside me too, although don't be telling him that. Caedyn even stopped by to visit me again, he must've heard what happened but he said he was happy that I made it back safe and all that.

I think I'll give it a while before I go out again though. I don't have one of those training blades yet as the other Padawan do and Eloi was right about needing to use the Force, I really gotta work on that stuff too. Classes are good and all but I'm getting tired of reading and listening about that stuff, I just wanna start actually doing it all...

I suppose that's it for now though. I dunno if these Journal pages are doing whatever Master Naetre said they would, they're meant to help somehow and apparently all the Padawan here have them but it feels like I'm just talking to myself most of the time.

Shame it doesn't talk back, it can get pretty lonely sometimes.