The Final Dawn, also known formally as the Order of the Final Dawn was a military junta created by the union of Neo-Imperial fanatics, the Greater Imperial Remnant, and the New Sith Order under the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Solipsis and the Imperial High Regent Derix Tirall. Bolstered later on by the addition of Marlon Sularen's Hand of Purification, the Final Dawn was a military junta formed within the bowls of the nefarious Brotherhood of the Maw, a delicate hand to guide the Mawite Clans in their goal of total annihilation.

The Final Dawn exits within the territory of the Maw as a totalitarian state, ruled with an iron fist by the attending High Regent and Grand Overseer, any and all means of economic production put toward the eventual goal of reconquering the galaxy, a key aspect of the Scripture of the Hidden Maw, with every citizen expected to contribute as much as possible to this vision.


The Final Dawn is lead by the Supreme Ruler, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith. In lieu of the Supreme Ruler, his Chief Deputy, the High Regent serves as the manager of the day to day affairs, and is Grand Vizier of the begrudging empire, executing decisions at the political and military level, and it is widely believed that in the absence of the Supreme Ruler, the High Regent is embodied with the authority to rule the entirety of the Final Dawn, though there is said to be an agreement between the High Regent and the Executor- the Shadow Hand of the New Sith Order, and Dark Lord in their own right- that in such an event, the latter would exceed to the throne.

Directly beneath the High Regent is the Grand Overseer, the Chief Minister of the Final Dawn and head of the Supreme Council. In reality, the Grand Overseer is one of the most powerful figures in the Final Dawn, overseeing the Intelligence apparatus and possessing a vast military infrastructure of his own, Marlon Sularen is poised to become High Regent in the event of Derix Tirall's untimely demise. The rest of the bureaucracy of the Final Dawn is streamlined, with the Supreme War Command, and Diet of Plantery Overseer's being the most noteworthy of the many organizations, with the former being the primary command structure of the Armed Forces, and the latter being the Final Dawn's version of the Moff Council, itself tracing lineage to the Overseer's of the Pentastar Alignment.

Supreme Ruler


Darth Solipsis​

High Regent
Grand Overseer

Derix Tirall​

Darth Caelitus​

Marlon Sularen​

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