Corporation Name: Ikon Starworks

Headquarters: TBA

Locations: Lubang Minor (HQ), factory locations TBA

Operations: Vehicle and Starship manufacturing.

Rationale: Cross basically went exploring and set different ships out around Lubang to find probable places to build up so that the Novas could have a proper territory for themselves, and he began developing factories for vehicle and ship parts on these planets, allowing him to build the small craft and support craft that the Novas so badly require.

Tier: T2
Description: (At least a paragraph description of your corporation. The higher the tier of the corporation, the more we expect from the description. If we feel like the description isn't adequate for the requested tier, you may be asked to include more detail or lower the tier. Particularly for player-made corporations, this should detail some of the processes of how the company does business. Does it accept private manufacturing requests? Is it loyal to a particular government or faction? Are they a benevolent corporation, or do they grind planets into dust for money? It's the little details like this that we're looking for.

Subsidiaries: N/A