Name: The Jungle Palace

Image Source: Haunted_Mansion_at_Disneys_Magic_Kingdom.jpg

Intent: A fun, safe, and secluded little environment for Cross to hang out with his friends and business associates.

Classification: House/Mini-resort

Location: A vast swathe of jungle on Lubang Minor. It's hidden under a relatively thick canopy of trees, and actually has an underground component that stretches for a twenty mile radius.

Affiliation: Cross

Description: This mansion is even more than it appears. The house itself contains about thirty rooms, varying in size and function. He has a pool, a huge kitchen, and even a sort of loft/hangar to store his little sport racing speeders and stuff.

But the underground is what Cross is really proud of. It holds countless stores of food, booze, and fun little pieces of half-built tech. If the Virgin Duchess is Cross' home, Jungle House is his 'secret lair'.


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