I hear a lot of talk about how The Elysium Empire is running on the past and how the CIS today isn't the CIS of 800 years ago. We know.​

First off, the base population of The EE is a group of Imperial Descendants that were lost in space for years and years. Their great, great, great, great, maybe one more great grandparents were Imperials. They have lost much of the tradition and knowledge, but they also remember a lot about the past.​


We run 50% off of how messed up the Galaxy is right now and how we will fix it.

The other 50% is how great the Empire of the past was, and how bad the CIS was.

WW2 was 80 years ago, but there are Neo-Nazis, right? As for the good guys, the U.S. still likes to be the police of the world because we won that war, and helped everyone recover. It was 80 years ago. Most people that were alive for the war, are sadly departed now, but the point still stands that good and bad people alike try to bring up the past a lot.​

Another example, Scotland hasn't been independent in a long time. Yet, there are votes to become free of England again. The Soviet Union collapsed in the 90's. People still think of Russia as Communist. There was still segregation 100 years after the Civil War. Some say the U.S. is still deeply racist (I argue it isn't, but this isn't the place or time), and it has been 160 years since the Civil War, or 400 years since the first slaves arrived in Virginia Some things 400 years ago still have an impact today....for example, the oldest church in Canada is still around. The Merry-go-round was invented.​

An example in this site: There is or was a cult of Vader, correct?

Now, take in consideration that news reached different planets at different times as well. There was a Dark Period where much history was lost, however, not every planet will forget the past. This is a huge galaxy.​

I think I've made my point, yes?​