I picked a few favorites, but there were plenty of fun suggestions from the community. Check them out here.

Text version for screen readers and searchability:

To ryv (verb) - To overdo it, cataclysmically or overzealously. Reference to the Jedi Ryv Karis.
Credit: Takui

Burn salt (imperative) - Pamarthen pejorative referring to a deadly failure of nautical engine maintenance. "Oh burn salt, Marcey."
Credit: Aeson Keel

Help from the Core - As in, extremely unlikely and you're worse than a fool for hoping.
Credit: Anakin Stormrunner

Jaggath (noun) - An expletive on Arkanis, derived from an old Arkanian word for 'useless' but turned up to eleven. Connotes extreme contempt.
Credit: Kiff Brayde

By the red seas of Knores - An ancient reference to a stretch of war-torn ocean on a forgotten world. Invokes the dread, inevitability, and despair of war.
Credit: Ignasius Van-Derveld