So, its really tricky, isn’t it? Balancing all this stuff? I don’t know how people do it. I mean, Marek, he had it all down, working with Bright Star and the Techno Union, and putting people in charge. Delegation is the word. I can’t do that. I mean, Ryan has been great with helping me adjust, Marek had just been off the radar for so long. And it was written that he wanted someone like me to keep the company in line. I don’t know why.
All I do is sing and dance. A lot.
Right, and Ryan seems great about it all. He states he doesn’t mind. Didn’t want to own the company. So, there is that.
Its hardly an easy change, but I still have things to do outside of this. And that’s what I want to write about today. I’m still doing my LAA work, but that’s mostly remote now. Trips back and forth are filled with homework, and some training.
Force training.
Well, witch training!
You know how I worked with Manu back in the Fringe to kind of focus myself? Well, it seems that its not such a different spell to learn. Yeah, spell, power, whatever. Its not so strong now, but its definitely different. Resonance was what Manu called it. I know the Sith call it ‘bellow’, and I really don’t know if the Jedi are capable of it. Its using the power that’s in you and causing vibrations! I mean, I was spending so much time with the learning when I spent time with the Witches that I didn’t really write it all down.
There was of course animal friendship spells, and breathing spells and barrier spells… and healing, but the resonance! That was something different. I mean, clearly there is the nightsister of using it. Letting the Force build inside you and letting it out in a scream, but… I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to be something useful. But there is a modification of it, the resonance power that allows it to be launched out. I mean, I’ve been doing that, since Manu taught me, but like… This one fires it off in a spell! And some of the witches, the group the Blue Corals call the ‘sirens’ can even sing with it. Controlling the frequency.
I just need to work on it more. I mean, its what I’m going to do. I’m a musician, why not have a power that reflects that? Now I do need to get to a board meeting, this whole corporate empire thing doesn’t do itself.
Anyway, expect more entries.
((OOC note: Token original came from SW-RPG, where Resonance was a power available. Character didn't get far on that site so no rank transfer was possible, just fleshing out what will be a signature power for her))