765 - 874 ABY

DOSUUN (Associated Press) - Representatives of Her Majesty’s Government today announced the passing of Surgeon General Korynn Sol-Syna, the second Director of the First Imperial Medical Service. She was 109 years old.

A native of the Atrisian Commonwealth, she was born Korynn Kyle on Frisal in the final decades of the Four Hundred Years Darkness. A Force Sensitive, she trained as a Jedi hopeful at Xiwangmu Temple. Opting not to pursue a career as a Jedi, she instead dedicated herself to public health as a member of the Jedi Service Corps and attended medical school on a Jedi scholarship. She was certified as a doctor of osteopathic medicine in 789 ABY.

During the Shadow Wars, she was active as a Jedi Healer and medical practitioner along the Giju Run. She was credited with lifesaving efforts at the Battle of Tallaan, for which she was recognized and formally inducted into the Holy Order of Jedi Knights. She was later elevated to the rank of Master of the Order in 834 ABY, prior to the outbreak of the Clockwork Rebellion.

She was a member and advocate for the re-establishment of the Circle of Healers following the normalization of galactic relations in the aftermath of the Four Hundred Years Darkness, but departed the public sphere shortly after the Clockwork Rebellion in order to care for the ailing health of her late second husband, Adegan Syna.

She returned to the public health service in 851 ABY, at the age of 86, and became the second director of the First Imperial Medical Service in 864 ABY. A model of servant leadership, she continued to maintain a medical practice until the end of her life and served as acting Chief Medical Officer of the FIV Defiant during the Battle of Csilla.

Kory, as her friends knew her, married twice. First to Joral Sol (d. 790 ABY) and later to Adegan Syna (d. 844 ABY). She had one son, Kyle Sol (b. 790 ABY, d. 790 ABY). She is survived by the doctors and nurses that she trained, the patients whose lives she saved, the friends she knew, and those who remember her.

Rest In Peace
January 17, 1922 - December 31, 2021​