Ran'tisr Capitol, New Krosport, Hefi
Address to the Tributary Council and Mando'ade General Assembly
870 ABY

As the power of the Mandalorian Enclave waxes, I come forward to you to address the shadow that hangs across the galaxy. The source of unrest in the heart of every true Mandalorian: the Sith.

Their treachery and barbarism are well known to us, as we stand here a decade after the beginning of their wretched genocide. Their ideology is a cancer and their very existence a threat to the future of the Mando'ade. The Sith Empire may be nothing but intersparsed remnants, but of all we must be vigilant, for their legacy still stains the galaxy today. They can be found inconspicious in the halls of foreign government. They can be found in the cults of savages razing the galaxy to the north. They can be found in the allies who propped up the failing Sith Empire -- those allies, who still at large today, no doubt waiting for the moment to join their true masters.
I come here to you today to declare that the Mandalorian Enclave will not stand idle and let the Sith continue to exist in the galaxy. They are a rot, an infestation that must be stamped out and culled from the galaxy, without hesitation and with without exceptions. Their very existence is a threat against the security of the Mandalorian Enclave.

It is well known that forces of the Mandalorian Enclave were involved in an operation alongside the New Imperial Order in a strike against one of the last remnants of the Sith Empire. That is the only beginning of our work, and of our purpose. For near a year we have labored to rid Wild Space of the criminals who exploited the people who stand before us today; although they may be aruetti, they now stand arm in arm with us in our glorious purpose. We have shown the galaxy that even when pirates and crime lords deign to strike at our own capital, we throw them back all the same. Mandalorians are no longer a people to be subjugated.

To those who still practice the barbarism that is the Sith religion. Let this be your last warning. For those who fought alongside the Sith Empire to prolong their tyrannical regime, who sought to shed the blood of Mandalorians freely. We have not forgotten, nor shall we forgive. The Iron Dawn is no longer coming; it has arrived, and soon all those who chose the wrong side shall know our fury.

Your days are numbered.

Darasuum Kote.

Text and Audio versions of this address were distributed across the HoloNet.

Text versions transcribed in Galactic Basic and Mando'a.