Based on Clone Wars era Jedi Kit Fisto's shared design, Nia followed the simple plans provided. The main difference being the use of a synthetic focusing crystal and, as yet, no inclusion of the bifurcating circuit (allowing for unimpeded underwater use).
The hilt itself is 27 cm long and weighs approximately 500 grams with a scalloped center hand grip and a pommel that facilitates easy use with either one or both hands. Nia chose the design for it's simple, utilitarian make that has stood the test of time.
It's focusing crystal was given to her by her combat instructor when they felt she was ready to construct her own lightsaber. It's previous owner had been an acolyte of the Dark Side who'd been slain by a Knight of the New Jedi Order. It was then subsequently cleansed of the Dark Side through a ritual which changed it's crimson coloring to a yellow hue.
Towards the emitter are controls allowing the user to adjust the intensity level of the blade. This allows for it to be used safely in sparring or with full lethal capability as needed