I'd like an extra outlet to write within, hence, a second character. I typically write Jedi, good guys, but I would like to write a 'bad guy', a Dark Sider and even a Sith. Here are some ideas and notes:
This character will be male, back into my comfort zone, because a Dark Sider is out of it. I don't think he would imagine himself as a hero or a 'good guy'. Neither would he be a 'bad guy', he would simply do things to benefit himself. Good things, for some, and bad things for others but for himself.
Maybe he could have inborn telepathic abilities like an Iktochi which allows for some minor mind control over weak beings. He could use it to help himself, later being found out by some individual. Maybe he could rip off Hetton, being rich and hiring someone with some small ability.
Someone who takes an oblique route to power and advancement. Not a caster of spells or a warrior, per se, but something of 'do whatever it takes'.
Alternatively, I could do a straight up Jedi. Kind of a straight up wanderer, archaeologist and do-gooder. Maybe just an explorer who helps people. Maybe I could just do that with Nia.