Good evening, Citizens, and thank you for tuning into Alliance News Network, live at 1700, 1900, and now at 2100 planetary standard time.
I’m Calista Slayton bringing you the most up to date news of the free galaxy. News coming at us from Sullust this evening states that a summit meeting has occurred between a Triumverate Grand Marshal Omai Rhen, now Supreme Commander Nemo Ven and Chief of State Caita Xan. Yes, all their last names end with N, no, the reporters in the field state that is not a requirement for the Galactic Alliance. But les get to it. The summit meeting today was to discuss the planets that are not yet engrossed by the One Sith, and those that are looking to remain as such. Rhen, a former member of the Jedi Order, is bringing his battlefield expertise to pair with Ven’s military training, while Xan, a young Sullustan is working to sign treaties and create policy to allow the new Alliance to prosper.
Focused more on action and defense than policy and micromanagement, the Galactic Alliance is looking to unite free worlds in joint military operations and planetary cooperation through trade and mutual respect. Xan has worked for years in foreign affairs and as a Minister of Defense for Sullust, and is looking to bring her knowledge to better the galaxy. Not one for a Senate meeting, Xan claims that allowing planets to self-govern with a loose collection of Governors is the best method to allowing this Alliance to last.
Nemo Ven, a former Republic Admiral, had his battlegroup cut off from the main Republic fleet during the One Sith movements, and found himself around Sluis Van. Working alongside the former Omega Protectorate, he found his home among the Sluis Van defense force, and is looking to provide assistance and interference to the One Sith however he can, to prevent additional loss of life. Working with a purpose and delegating to his Commanders, he sees the call of this new alliance as part and parcel to the reason he joined the service, to protect the galaxy and snuff out the darkness.
Finally, rounding out this Triumverate is the enigmatic Omai Rhen, the Grand Marshal of the new Jedi Order. Formerly of the Republic, he and the old council found they were butting heads, and he has laid out his plans for a council-less Jedi Order, managed by the joint goals of defeating the dark side how it presents itself. He will be assisted by a team of Marshals in the management of this order.
The call has been made at Sullust, we are here, we are waiting, we are ready.
As the news report closes down, there is a brief advertisement for the recruitment of the Galactic Alliance, outlining its defense force, Jedi Order, non-Jedi Force user program and its government.