Hello there my friend... As you have been worthy to access my knowledge. There are many things I will teach you, even as my body turns to dust, my spirit either a part of the Force or in Hell. In such a case my friend. I will teach you what is the never-ending nature of the dark side, of what I have learned, discovered, and saw myself. Perhaps you will see what I see as well.

The Dark Side... The Bogen... The Shadow, the Dark... These are called by many things, and thus they are all one and the same. What is the Dark Side beyond what corrupts you to wield its evil power? For some, for those that have suffered intense pain, trauma that the Jedi ways do not know how to deal with. The Dark Side is a measure of salvation to some, others see it as damnation. Perhaps I see it as a mix of both. Perhaps you can even see it as the only friend you have. Yet there is only one purpose to the dark side. The dark side consumes, it corrupts everything that answers it's call. Promising you what you seek on the inside and yes it can grant you what you seek. It also demands a sacrifice from you, and that could be anything, you're body, your mind, or even someone you love. You cannot achieve what powers the dark side will give you without feeding off of you in some way, even taking something most dear from you.

In a way, it's like a wild feral animal. It will do as it pleases, but the most important thing I will teach you. Is that the Dark Side cannot be supplanted, it cannot be conformed into the wills of others. I have seen Sith Emperors and Supreme Leaders think that the Dark Side answers to them. Even with an army of dark siders at their beck and call. No, from what I learned that is not how you will achieve your goals. Like the rest of the Force. The dark side has a will. To attempt to dominate it under your own is folly. You will never win against enemies, against nations, or even against the Light by simply seeking to tame an unruly beast that does not wish to be controlled. You must simply listen to it, follow it's a path. It's what I have learned from being a tool for beings far greater than myself. These beings who thought themselves Gods in a way sought to use and control the dark side as if they were greater than it. But you must learn that by doing so will only cause the Force to strike back at you. If it's not an immediate way the Force will show you what it will do to you. For I have seen the rise and fall of empires. I have seen people try to tame the dark only to end in misfortune.

What is my lesson to you in the midst of cryptic ramblings? It is this, you must feed the dark, feed the shadow for what it craves is destruction, hatred, rage, fear. All aspects of the Dark Side. You must be a servant to it, not it's Master. If you try to dominate it only destruction will be your fate. As all who have sought to control it. Heed my words. The dark is meant to be followed, you must follow the beast, for it will help you if you allow it to roam free. In the end, you must give it a measure of respect, for we are all lesser beings compared to the power of the Force. Attempt to control it and in the end, you will suffer as all have. My way, my way of the Shadow emphasizes this. Destruction, Fear, all things are tools that I used to feed the Shadow. The Shadow grants me gifts in return, be it the shadow or the dark side. Follow this path and you will achieve the goals you seek.

Until my next teaching my friend.

-Holocron of Ren