Brotherhood of the Maw StaffMandalorian Enclave Staff

In a desperate attempt to reassert Maw dominance on the galaxy, and with more resources the Maw would assault the frigid world that held great importance. But the attempt was met with heavy resistance, however…

The Maw's fleet, led by High Regent Marlon Sularen , would end up face to face with another Naval legend known as Verin Oldo in a clash of giants as the ships-of-the-line vied for dominance. Upon the Orbital Shipyard, the Dark Voice herself, Darth Mori would lead an assault against the Enclave aboard it in an attempt to bring it to heel. But she would be met by the mysterious head of the Enclave, The Quartermaster and her personal guard, where a brutal battle ensued. It was clear that the Quartermaster was out of her depth, yet she did not shy away from her duty to the Mando'ade she represented up until her last breath. Along with Darth Mori's assault on the shipyard, came numerous others…

Khamul Kryze , in his assault on the shipyard, came face to face with the Warmaster of the Enclave, Romul Saxon , where both a physical as well as a mental battle ensued. The two war giants embodying the epitome of the clash between ideologies. Elsewhere, Dimitri Voltura , also known as Darth Hydrus, was making his way to the Core of the shipyard only to get intercepted by an unlikely alliance. Yenna and Kragr Krayt both engaged the Sith Lord for their own reasons. An enormous battle ensued between the three champions of their people to end with Dimitri destroying the Core to bring the shipyard down, but paying for it with his life. Valgus Ren went to seek his own things to play with only to find the most unlikely toy in D I M A , who gave him a great challenge with her own gifts and skills. Yet, the Ren got to her mentally, chipping away at the proverbial armour. In another hallway, pirate captain Rohak Vizsla and his crew attempted to plunder what they could from the shipyard only to have his nemesis Shel Beroya and her men crack down on them. The rivalry continued in a battle of wit and brawn as Dar'Manda and Mando'ad stretched each other right into the void of space, where the battle was finally concluded in the capture of Rohak by the Nautolan. Meanwhile, Sith Lord Erion Justeene and Mando'ad Kale Onara squared off against one another in a classic battle of a shepherd boy pitted against a giant. Kale, out of his depth, still stood his ground against the Sith right up until the shipyard started to go down and the Enclave Star Destroyers had to be saved. At the same time, two of the youngest members of their factions, Runt and Vulcan Krayt proved that age did not inhibit the heart of a warrior as the two came face to face with another in a battle of wit and endurance to bring glory to their people. All the while, Andras Garon , warrior of the Enclave, proved his skills once more in clearing a road to an Enclave Star Destroyer as the shipyard started to go down, in order to save one. His loyalty to his people neverending, the Problem Solver ended up opening fire with the Star Destroyer onto the shipyard in order to deny the Maw any chance of securing a Star Destroyer.

Meanwhile, on the planet, the Wrath of the Maw, Kyrel Ren Kyrel Ren and his apprentice Yamou , would hunt for the hidden First Order base, only to be met by two Mando'ade Juno Wren and Khael Vhijaric who, despite being completely out of their depths, stood their ground to try and thwart the Maw's plans. Elsewhere, Kralmus Orr attempted to destroy the heavy weapon emplacements only to have the clone of Prelliat Mantis, Fenn Stag , stand in his way with all he had. A battle between Mando'ade ensued, heavily laden with prejudice toward each other while both fought for their respective people. Another embodiment of Enclave ideologies clashing with Death's Hand's. Meanwhile, at the power generators, Kybo Ren tried his hand in blowing them up, only to get intercepted by Siv Dragr . It was a battle of wit and wills with the warriors evenly matched. Toward the derelict base on the frozen world, more sinister forces were at work. Sith Knight Darth Acherus and the Ember of Vahl, Ada Infernum , were after the secrets of the First Order only to have the Sword of the Jedi, Valery Noble Valery Noble and the head of the Si'Kahya, Kranak Vizsla stand in their way. While Sith clashed with Jedi in the epitome of Darkness against Light, the Ember clashed with the armoured veteran of a Mandalorian in battle of wit against strength. Both sides, however, were interrupted by the debris of the falling shipyard. Not far from them, the Shadow Hand Darth Ptolemis , had also been on his way to the derelict base, only to have the infamous Wardog, Shai Maji , stand in his way. An epic battle of Force and Blaster ensued - the epitome of Sith against Mandalorian, both stretching their skills to the limit to battle one another only to end up at an impasse.

The battle had been brutal with heavy losses on both sides, but it was clear that the Enclave would not back down and would stop at nothing to prevent its property falling into enemy hands again. However, the Brotherhood of the Maw would bide its time. This was only the first strike, after all.

Thank you to all those who participated in the battle!

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