These past few months have absolutely flown by for me. Summertime comes to a sorrowful close and autumn begins to set in. With it, less work, less income rolling in, and classes begin once more. I'm a sophomore in college now. That's nice, I guess. Growing up
Time goes on and I continue to roleplay here. Sometimes I rarely touch this site, even going days without a single notification showing up. My muse dies out sometimes and most people dont really seem to notice. I havent had a good roleplay with @Evan Kenner, my original, for a while. That's okay though. I'm still working on getting him where he needs to be. Evan's "dark side is great" days are over. @Vassara Raxis helped him see that. He's become more of a Gray Jedi now, which is okay. I feel like Gray Jedi are either overdone or done...wrong. I wont point fingers. Trying to have Evan leave the Primeval now. As a character, after all of the changes he has gone through, he just. He doesn't fit in with the crazy dark side cult people. Especially since they're allied to the Sith, whom he despises. Just a padawan with nowhere to go now, I guess.
While Evan is mostly inactive now, i'm having an absolute BLAST roleplaying as the Sith Apprentice to @Darth Pyrrhus, @Mullarus. Playing as a Sith with a heart is so much fun! Sure, lots of people in rp call it weakness, but I am LOVING it. I feel like i'm actually going somewhere with him and I don't see many "good" Sith around, so I feel like he is unique in a way. He's become my favorite character by far. Shoutout to the One Sith for being awesome to roleplay with! :D
I have played both in the Galactic Republic and the One Sith now. I can honestly say that personally, the Sith are a lot more fun. Going to try starting a new Jedi soon, though. @Quell Troot, a Rodian youngling. I think it'll be fun to try playing a child and developing him as he ages and grows as a Jedi.
@Vaak Lest, my hulkish Keldor Mercenary, as usual, not as active. Still though, the people in the Triad are cool dudes with really creative ideas. I just wish they were Considering moving Vaak to employers who are more active.
Well, that's about all of my main characters. Still have @Rustag Bovruta, my poor Iridonian. Trying to get him to work for this "Galactic Alliance", whatever that is. I suppose i'll see for myself.
Still loving it here! Everyone here is so mature and knows as much as or more than I do about Star Wars, which is something I dont find often nowadays. Thanks for being a blast to roleplay with, guys! Gonna spiff up Mullarus' new avatar, then play some Block n Load...
Is there a Chaos Steam group? There should be...