It has been about three months since I first learned of this community through an old roleplay acquaintance of mine I briefly met on his Minecraft rp server - known throughout this community as @Anja Aj'Rou, one of the founders of the Primeval - after stating that his server was more-or-less dead and many members migrated here to get their roleplay fix.
Me, being the biggest Star Wars fan I know, had a bit of an epiphany upon seeing this MASSIVE community! Seriously, I was taken aback at how many members were in this community. It's crazy! On top of that, most of the community shares my love of writing and love for the lore of Star Wars. I no longer think I know everything about Star Wars. Clearly, I still have much to learn, too.
So anyway, the purpose of this blog entry is my first impressions of roleplaying here. I am somewhat a veteran at roleplay. I'm nineteen years old as I write this and was sixteen when I started roleplaying on various Minecraft servers for years. It was amazing to me. As the years went on, I grew less and less satisfied with MCRP and did a little bit of rp on SWTOR. That didnt last long. I'm glad I found this site. A lot.
Durng the first month after I joined, mid-April, I was extremely excited to make a character with absolutely no limitations as to what I could do with him. I made @Evan Kenner, who remains my favorite, main character, from how much roleplay has already changed him from a nervous teenager to the edgy, vagabond rogue he is today.
Unfortunately, during the first month, Evan's first thread I made went an entire month with no progress. Everyone included either forgot to keep replying or just didn't care. This is easily the most frustrating thing i've discovered about this site. The real-time roleplay I am used to has spoiled me, so I grow extremely impatient waiting for replies to threads I am participating in. I still have this problem. It is very hard to roleplay at such a slow pace for me. The concept of time is also very skewed here. "Handwavium" is extremely awkward for me. It becomes even worse when I start a thread taking place at time B and then I am invited to another that takes place...when? I don't know. I certainly hope the first thread at time B doesnt have a signifigant effect on my character, because everything is normal here in the other thread.
After that dreadful first month for me, I came back and everything has been great. I'm getting more used to waiting and being more patient waiting on people's replies. I already have three other characters I have made and not done much with. @Vaak Lest, my Kel Dor Mercenary, @Mullarus, my Sith Acolyte with no master, and @Rustag Bovruta, the zabrak with no place in the galaxy.
Thanks everyone who has decided I am worth roleplaying with. This community is awesome, and I plan on staying for a long time :)

Also, this blog creation thing is really confusing :I