In response to Chancellor Adhira Chandra of the Galactic Alliance
The Galaxy nears its moment of reckoning. Disorder reaps the devastation among the ruins of civilizations that can not stem the tides of chaos. Societies that are unable to endure. Societies that know not of struggle or have seen the horrid realities machinated from those unfit to wield power. Empire is the most just form of rule. The identity of its people preserved, the nation one of security, prosperity and order at the service of the Imperial.

Equality a false god, democracy a drunken lie. There will never be peace in these systems. These systems which so desperately cry out to their people that they are what is morally virtuous, that they are free only to be sure they are inebriated and ignorant to the world around them, fixated on bread and circus while they grasp and claw at one another to grasp at their delusions of dreams and success. All the while the lying glad hands within their senates and ruling body die on hills that don't matter. Argue over matters of irrelevance yet polarizing in the hopes of whoring themselves for the good graces of their constituents with empty promises.

Nothing they ever say, nothing they ever do will pull the sick and starving from the streets nor fix the broken and feeble foundations they freely trample upon.

All the while they garner a weak society that grows fat and docile off the fruits of its false prosperity, a people unknowingly enslaved in service to the corporate puppet masters and special interests which pull the levers of power above them. They are ignorant of course as their corrupt and subversive media digs its claws into their consciousness with schizophrenic rhetoric so that they don't know what to feel, don't know what to believe and deafen themselves from the seas of lies that envelop them as they fixate on material wealth and decadent pleasures.

They will claim to be the crusaders of freedom and liberty but they are nothing but thieves and profligates waving the banner of false promises and offering the rotten fruits of a gilded, broken system. To sell its people to the supposed 'protection' of outsider force wielding cults who share not the interests of the people but interests of their inhuman code that is all but veiling for a fixation of sewing Galactic destruction in the Great Galactic Lie that is 'Dark' against 'Light'.

The New Imperial Order offers an alternate route. One where the pride of these worlds unaligned is restored. Its people in service to a greater goal and its state in service to its people. Where they are made strong under the enduring testament that is the truth of Empire. Order, security, prosperity and purpose. We have proven time and time again that we can stand on our own in a galaxy of the wolves, our mettle tested in brazen inferno.

We are the will of defiance. We will make bring unbreakable order unto this volatile chaos.

The people of the Galaxy shall be slaves to their lying shepherds no longer.

Imperialism is not a threat.

Imperialism is a promise.

N E W _ I M P E R I A L _ O R D E R
The Will of Defiance