"This place merely serves as a reminder of where we've come from, how much we've lost, and how much more we might hope to become." - Sor-Jan Xantha, Jedi Master
“Ahch-To is sacred. Go there looking for truth and peace, go looking to find out who you are, or don't go at all.” - Jorus Merrill, Jedi Master
“Its remoteness means that it will become a place for retreat and reflection as opposed to a hotbed of Youngling activity.” - Sorel Crieff, Grandmaster, SJO
“This temple is known to some, but most think it is just ruins on an ocean world, so we don't go out of our way to talk about it." - Matsu Ike, Jedi Master

The secret, sacred waterworld of Ahch-To spent long centuries forgotten, except by its own Caretakers. The Gulag Plague and the Dark Age only cemented that secrecy.
During his years as Master of First Knowledge to the scattered Jedi, the navigator Jorus Merrill stumbled on a partial map to the reputed first Jedi Temple. He assembled a small group of Jedi who took the matter seriously, and used advanced instinctive astrogation to find Ahch-To. The guiding principle of their visit was 'leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.’ They bartered with the Caretakers but did not impose their presence.
In following years, several Jedi visited Ahch-To with similar principles in mind. Grandmaster Corvus Raaf and Master Matsu Ike even discovered the planet independently, based on separate records. The first temple’s ruins became a known place of pilgrimage, but the planet's name and location remained carefully guarded secrets even among Jedi.
At one point, the Silver Jedi Order decided to build a more permanent Jedi presence. They
restored the ruins, built landing pads, deployed prefab structures, and imported vehicles. They also planned a small, modern, self-contained Jedi Temple. The project proved controversial, and a group of Jedi Masters rallied to keep the base’s footprint minimal.
The Jedi presence led to a few noteworthy discoveries. An underwater exploration project by Sorel Crieff identified Kwa ruins. However, the seabed yielded little. Crieff and her Padawan, Krass Wyms, also located a cave that held crystals suitable for lightsaber construction.
So far as possible, the hidden planet is still untouched, a destination for occasional pilgrims. A few visiting Masters use the setting to teach trusted students about the spiritual aspects of the Force. Lacking treasure troves, natural resources, or tactical significance, Ahch-To remains forgotten - to the relief of everyone who knows it existed.