Reports indicating the return of the mystery fleet that assailed several Mid-rim planets has appeared near the Parlamian Trade Route. Holonet articles attribute two more planets as victims of the mysterious fleet that appeared over Anobis, Aleen, and Orinda in previous days. Panic is starting to emerge in the Mid-Rim as planets outside of large conglomerates such as the Sith Empire and the order of the Silver Jedi continue to be targeted.
Information on these two attacks appear to be more plentiful, with the majority of the detailed information provided by holonet reports originating from the planet Velmor. The information on the attacks that can with a high degree of certainty be attributed to the mystery fleet is as follows:
  1. Velmor - A moderately sized city was bombarded for several minutes from a handful of capital ships in orbit while a powerful beam weapon was used in conjunction to overpower the planetary shield. Many of the reports claim that the attackers bore sigils representing a Mandalorian clan while hundreds of others bore patches of some infamous mercenary organizations that have been known to operate in the Outer-Rim territories. The Monarchy of Velmor has reported that over 3,000 of its people are missing, at least one thousand confirmed dead, and several hundred with fates yet undetermined in addition to hundreds of thousands of credits in damage that have been wrought in the attack upon the city. Velmorian military forces have captured and killed several mercenaries associated with the attack. Additional information about their employer is still unknown.
  2. Aargonar - Some scarce reports claim the mysterious fleet, likely Mandalorian, have been sighted over Aargonar. Due to the low population of the world and general insignificance of the events on such a planet, the following information may or may not be reliable:
  • No attacks have been reported on the surface of Aargonar.
  • The fleet is in near orbit around the largely undefended planet.
  • Soldiers from the fleet scouted villages in search of buyers for the captured Velmorians.
  • The fleet has departed Aargonar in the direction of the Parlamian Trade Route.
  • Two prisoners were executed outside of a small village with their corpses left to rot upon the dunes. Closer inspection the villagers claim that the following inscription had been engraved upon their foreheads:
The consensus on the Holonet is that the captured Velmorians will be sold off as slaves or enslaved by the fleet itself. The fleet appears to belong to a single Mandalorian clan with ranks filled by mercenary groups. Velmor has released a public notice that traders who travel along the Parlamian Trade Route should be cautious.

A thread will be put up soon taking place on Aargonar where a small number of those captured on Anobis, Orinda, Aleen, and Velmor will be facing their own execution on the outskirts of another village for some perceived crime. This will be a ground-based conflict. The executioners and those to be executed were transported to the ground in a much smaller vessel while the fleet has moved on. There has been a total of three in-character days that have passed since the initial reports in the above article have surfaced. If you wish to partake in the thread, send a message to me or comment down below to express your interest. Additionally there is a LFG thread that you can comment on.
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