Reports of increased raids in the Mid-rim are starting to surface on the holonet. There are several reported commonalities across a few of the raids that have happened in the past week, most notably the attacks are carried out by a medium sized fleet of starships that deploys a small invasion force of well armed combatants and vehicles. Rumors suggest some among the attackers are Mandalorian, others say they only see thugs and mercenary types. The consensus on the holonet reports are that this fleet is attacking unfortified worlds to capture inhabitants as slaves and operating primarily in the Mid-Rim.
Information regarding these attacks and the planets that have been attacked by this mystery fleet are as follows:
  1. Anobis - Rural farms and mining outposts attacked. Reports suggest roughly 2,000 inhabitants have been captured with over 100 individuals confirmed dead.
  2. Orinda - A small city was subject to an orbital bombardment which destroyed most of the city defenses before it became overrun with mercenaries. Reports suggest roughly 1,400 inhabitants have been captured and over 300 are confirmed dead, likely from the initial assault.
  3. Aleen - Roughly 1,500 Aleena are reported missing by the Monarchy of Aleen, 200 reported dead.
​Those captured are thought to have been sold on the slave market on Phaeda and Adumar due to a recent influx of slaves for sale, though it is impossible to ascertain where exactly the captured have gone or if they are still alive. Commentary suggests there will be more of these attacks by the mystery fleet in the future.