I wrote this rambling, somewhat incoherent article just because. Enjoy.

Nearly everyone on Chaos is familiar with the factory, the wellspring from which all manner of neat gadgets and sleek ships spring. In the cannon Star Wars very little in the way of technological progression actually happens, the same ships being used for centuries with nearly no change to the design other than a coat of paint depending on the faction. Ships also just get bigger and bigger, the size increasing as time goes on without any real change to the parts that made up the ship. Early factory subs were much like the cannon, powerful ships were simply big. However, companies like Nargath Holdings, Roble Manufacturing, Technoid Manufacturing, Locke and Key, Lucerne Labs, and the myriad other enterprises of the Marketplace started to create new technologies. Shields that acted in a variety of different ways, new types of hyperdrives, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and other ways to progress the galaxy's sciences. As these techs became more commonplace even small corvettes became threats to ancient imperial line ships, and so new countermeasures were developed to work against these new weapons. This created a cycle of innovation and the creation of wholly unique technologies like the RMC-114 Magnetic Energy Generator and the various Ersteel alloys.

My point is Chaos has ended the (Disney) cannon timeline's technological stagnation of simply making ships bigger to increase the sakes, and every day the factory's writers come up with new ways to heal the sick and blow each other up. Be thankful we aren't still just making ships bigger because the staff said so, that people aren't still riding around in CR-90s, and that we have a marketplace of hundreds of never before seen flavor for our board.