This is part of Cloudburner's origin story.
Cloudburner meditated. The Force was his ally now. The Force had always been his ally, it's just ever since he's been a Jedi that's he actually noticed it. He used his memories to enlighten him, strengthen his power in the Force and heal his emotions. He thought of a time where he had been in a relationship with a Female, back before he joined the Mandalorians, when he was still training with his Father.
827 ABY, Vahnnix Sunburner (Cloudburner's Real Name) was sitting in a Cantina. He was only 16 Years old and his Father had left him in the Cantina while he went to kill a Bounty. He ordered a few drinks of alcohol and was half-drunk. He was asleep, drooling on the table at night.
A woman walked over, wearing typical armor, brown hair, smiling. She sat down and glared upon the drunk soon-to-be Mandalorian.
"You mind if I sit here, with a business associate?"
"Sure, as long as you don't ask me for drinks."
"Don't worry, I wont."
He once again fell asleep. A few minutes later, a Man in a black suit, with a black briefcase walked, holding a mysterious aura which scared some of the employees who worked inside. He sat down on the same table who Vahnnix and the lady were.
"You have the money I'm guessing? If you have the Money, I have the weapons."
"Yeah, It's right inside my pocket somewhere. Let me search."
She pulled out a DC-17 Blaster Pistol and blasted the guy in the black suit to pieces, while Vahnnix wakes up and sees the blaster shot kill him. The whole Cantina stares in shock.
"Nice Shot."
"Thanks. Nothing beats a good blaster."
She walked away with the briefcase in her left hand, and her blaster in another at the same time Vahnnix's Father walked back in and sat down.
"The bounty is dead, now we travel to Naboo, in search of a smuggler who defied the Hutts and stole half their stack of credits."
They both leave, enter The Sunset Horizon and travel to Naboo.
33 Weeks later, Vahnnix is once again inside the Cantina, waiting for his Father to tend to his line of work.
The Lady he met before is inside the Cantina once again, but this time she is being carried out by two men, dressed in black once again. Vahnnix is curious, so he decides to follow them.
"You have messed with the wrong people, now you will pay for what you have done."
Vahnnix follows them to the out of town area, to the Desert. There they point a blaster at her.
"I'm sorry for stealing the weapons! I needed them! My Father is dying! He needs treatment! I stole your weapons to pay for it! Please!"
"Don't make up excuses. We all know you robbed our members and stole our ships."
"Don't do this!"
Vahnnix shoots both members with his signature DL-44 Blaster Pistol.
"It looked like you needed help."
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank You""
She runs and hugs him. She then kisses him.
"I have a ship, my Father's out on one of his errands. I can help you get your money together for your Father."
"Thank you, so much."
"Don't thank me too soon. My Dad works hard for his money. Convincing him would not be easy."
"What is your name anyway?"
"Vahnnix Sunburner."
"Nice to meet you, I'm Creia."
They walk back to the ship.
After a few months of Vahnnix's Father, Creia and Vahnnix travelling through the Galaxy, meeting new people, exploring different planets and healing her Father, they wake up one morning in the Ship.
"Thanks for healing my Father. Without you, he and I would be dead."
"You don't have to thank me for anything, I love you, I couldn't let somebody like you die, knowing I could have saved you."
"And I'm thankful you did. It's just..."
"What? You don't have to feel uncomfortable around me. We have been together for months now."
"..we could travel the Galaxy together, without your Father."
He stands up and stares at her with disgust.
"You are asking me to kill my own Father?!"
"Yes, but, his time has come, we can take his money and live together. Just you, me and the stars."
"But... he has cared for me ever since I was a child. Without him I'd be nothing."
"You would still be that man I knew to love."
"But... I'm his son."
"Remember when we kissed in Coruscant and you told me that you would die for me? Do everything for me?"
A tear comes from his eye.
"I remember. We then made love and kissed over the pale moonlight. I will kill him. I will find a way, for you. So that we could be together, forever."
He grabs his DL-44 blaster pistol and leaves.
Vahnnix spots his Father carrying a corpse upon leaving the ship in the open landscape of Alderaan.
"It's payday. Get back in the ship, the bounty is dead."
A tear comes down his eye as he shoots his Father in the head, killing him in cold blood. He then falls to his knees over his Father's dead body.
"I'm sorry, Father. Please forgive me."
Creia walks out, spots Vahnnix crying over his dead Father.
"It's alright. Don't blame yourself. It had to be done."
"No. I shouldn't have. He was my Father, and I killed him. I'm a monster!"
She hugs him as he cries a pool of tears.
"But everything will be alright, because I love you."
"Yes, things will be better."
Half a year later, Vahnnix is now in debt and a smuggler. He walks up to Creia and kisses her.
"I'm pregnant."
He lets go of her, walks a few steps with his back to her.
"We can't afford to have a child. I'm in debt. They will kill me if I don't pay them back."
"I thought you'd think it'd be a good thing."
"Not now, at least."
"You know how to be responsible."
"No. I don't."
A few days later, he sells his ship and all of his Father's weapons and equipment.
"I know what I can do to support our family. I can, join the Mandalorians and be like my Father."
"But, you'll have to dedicate your life to their ideals and their rules."
"It is my only choice. Either I die and you carry on the Family by yourself, or I join, dedicate most of my time to them and support us."
A few weeks later, he is a Mandalorian warrior. His loved one leaves him, and he carries on his life.
Cloudburner fell on his back and held his head. He had just remembered what had happened. He let out a tear of sadness.