What is up, readers? My name OOC is Ryan and this is the debut episode of my "Hate Mail" series. The Series where I view negative posts, which are directed at me, and laugh at them weekly. I do this in my spare time and do this not to hate on others, not to cause conflict within our community, that's the poster's job, but to entertain others with the power of laughter. This is why I decided to keep the name and avatar of the poster anonymous, enjoy.

This week we view one poster who decided to post what seems to be a status update, with no logical reason for it. Did we need to know that you didn't care much for capturing a bounty? No. Did we need to know what you did afterwards? No. So why did you post this insignificant pile of sh*t then? This is a RP site, not Facebook, or Twitter.
Let me assess the amount of grammatical and spelling errors in this one post, and compare it to how insignificant, it is to this site.
1st Error: "Capture" Past Tense.
"Capture" is the present tense of "Captured" in the Past tense. In the sense you were writing in, "Captured" would be the word you would use.
Luckily this person is not a complete idiot enough to get the rest of their post incorrect. Now, back to our blog post. When we write a status update, we write about what we are doing, eating, drinking, right now. We do not write about how we reacted to an IC RP post, and to be honest, if you are going to do that, at least make it interesting.
Formula to solving stupidity scores:
1/10 = Retarded
2/10 = Facepalm-worthy
3/10 = Stupid
4/10 = Unnecessary
5/10 = Half - Stupid
6/10 = Funny
7/10 = Related to topic, kind of.
8/10 = Not Half Bad
9/10 = Interesting
10/10 = Completely Logical
On the scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the stupidest and 10 being logical, I will give this a 3/10 as it is unnecessarily dumb, has no point to it, whatsoever, and lacks the need to read it.

Congratulations Poster! You have been rated: Stupid. Now take your post and learn from your butthurt mistakes, preferably somewhere where people can't see you, neither hear you.
Have a nice week, readers! And be sure to not end up on this weekly blog! May The Force Be With You!