Corporation Name: MandalMotors

  • Mandalore

  • Aeten II {Mining and R&D Research Center}
  • Concord Dawn
  • Junction
  • Taris {Factories}
  • Muunilist {Financial Buildings}
  • Yaga Minor {Secondary Shipyards}
  • Mandalore {R&D; Main Shipyards; Factories; Financial Buildings}
  • Bothawui {Daw Motors Subsidiary HQ and Factoires}
  • Concordia {Daw Motors/MandalMotors Factories}

  • Shipwright
  • Civilian and Commercial Hypernautics {Speeders, Skiffs, etc.}
  • Civilian and Military Arms/Armor

Rationale: Gilamar Skirata had been a long time employee of MandalMotors, working for several decades at the Shipright post Gulag Plague. During his absence however, the war with the Sith created a need for a near direct control of the company by the Manda’lor. After the Liberator “retired” Gilamar Skirata took the reigns as senior employee as well as primary share holder of the company. Since then he has improved the company by leaps and bounds through the help of allies and friends.

Tier: 5

Description: Originally founded by Gustav Zenlav before the battle of Yavin, the company created numerous star ships. During the Clone wars control was seized by the Mandalore the Resurrector and has since been passed down the line of successors in order to ensure that the profits made by the productions can be used to develop and better the Mandalorian community.

Previously, a largely neutral company, MandalMotors is the driving force behind the economy of Mandalore, and sold its many products to any interested party willing to pay the necessary credits. The company was more or less allowed to run independently of the Mand’alor during the Gulag Plague, keeping many of its assets. During the Rebuilder’s rule the company saw a small amount of growth before landing in the hands of Mia Monroe who in turn passed it on to Gilamar Skirata, primary share holder and senior member on the board of directors.

Through a series of deals and various construction works, MandalMotors slowly grew into a force to be reckoned with, expanding its reach and influence throughout Mandalorian space, setting up factories on various worlds. Recently the company has grown large enough to fund and absorb other smaller companies such as the wildly successful Daw Motors and the Mandalorian native company Mythosaur Customs and Arms. With its large and incredibly modular home shipyard along with the ability to use the shipyards of Yaga Minor, MandalMotors has plans to continue its progress, taking the galaxy by storm.