What is Mother? MOTHER is a highly intelligent AI designed and produced by INFORMATION HAS BEEN REDACTED and has been made to assist the growth of "The Daughter" to shape the two into a high functioning tool that is best used for assassination missions to eliminate troublesome individuals. MOTHER is to protect her
"child" at all costs, this near sentient AI mainly consists of coding similar to high functioning combat AI. By all regards this AI is to be assumed a prototype of a new age of AI that has combat ability along with higher functions to allow the AI to further assist the user with tasks, MOTHER is first introduced to its new user by being attached to their mind and spinal cord at a young age. This allows the AI to monitor the body and see through the eyes of the user, information seen by and heard by the AI can be saved within an instant. MOTHER may also be of use in standard tech, simply allowing it to view into another machine can serve as a gateway for MOTHER to copy her files and download them into the machine.